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The Seventh London Photo Walk Thu 12th Aug 2010

Tuesday, 20 July 2010, 10:40 | Category : Previous Photo Walks
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Canary Wharf! Evening Photo Walk – Thu 12th Aug 7.00pm

Wow, what a cracking photo walk! I don’t think most of us knew what a brilliant subject Canary Wharf would turn out to be.

Despite rain at the start of the walk we still had a great turn out, and those intrepid enough to brave the weather were well rewarded – the sun shone through breaks in the cloud giving stunning evening light on the sky scrapers. Oh and don’t forget ‘that sunset’ :-)

Thanks again to one of our photo walkers – Chris Beach –  for putting together a map showing where some of the best points of interest were. We’ll leave it up here in case anyone else wants it. Chris’ Canary Wharf Map

A really great selection of images to choose from again this walk, so here goes… Our winning pic is…… RPY_3616solar by Kunaal Gosrani

Congratulations Kunaal, really stunning shot, we love what you’ve done with the post production, looks like something from a Sci Fi film.

RPY_3616solar by Kunaal Gosrani

RPY_3616solar by Kunaal Gosrani

Other top shots from the walk:

Time to go to Work! by Xerophytes

Time to go to Work! by Xerophytes

webIMGP1454 by Guipas93

webIMGP1454 by Guipas93

Canary Wharf through a Crystal Ball by Henry Stuart

Canary Wharf through a Crystal Ball by Henry Stuart

Canary Wharf (3) by lsim001

Canary Wharf (3) by lsim001

RPY_3665v2 by Kunaal Gosrani

RPY_3665v2 by Kunaal Gosrani

Outdoor photography only
Handheld equipment only
Not to photograph building entrances
Not to photograph security arrangements in place
Not for professional use, re-sale or publication. Amateur purposes only.

8 Comments for “The Seventh London Photo Walk Thu 12th Aug 2010”

  1. 1Catherine Trnka

    Hello, could you let me now the exact meeting point for the photo walk on August 12? Thanks very much in advance.

  2. 2Bu Yousef

    This is wonderful. Thank you.
    See you on Thursday :)

  3. 3adam

    Does ‘Handheld Equipment’ mean no tripods?

  4. 4Henry Stuart

    Hi Adam, yes, no tripods I’m afraid :-(

  5. 5Simon

    Sounds like a fun well organized photo walk, great map details too.

    I’ve been meaning to go on a London Photo Walk, but I am a little concerned & confused with the constraints of the photography permit for today’s walk in Canary Wharf.

    The permit states that parks, plaza’s, footpaths and open spaces can be photographed, with no mention of buildings other than excluding them, and no professional use or publishing of photos taken on the walk during the time of the permit.

    What happens when I upload images onto my flickr account, and other flicker users blog the photos or even better still getty images wants – wants them, or if I submit an amateur photo to AP magazine and they print it, isn’t that publishing – will I get in to trouble?

  6. 6Henry Stuart

    Hi Simon, good points, well made. I have just spoken to Canary Wharf, raising your points:

    You can photograph any buildings you want, just not specifically a full frame of a building entrance or any photos of ‘security arrangements’. So any buildings are fair game.

    You can upload to Flikr/Pixie without any problems, they are happy for you to do that. However they are not happy for you to submit the images to Getty or any other photo libraries as it is for ‘commercial gain’.

    Regarding the question about submitting the photo to an amateur magazine unfortunately this is not permitted by Canary Wharf either.

    I hope this makes everything clear.

  7. 7Simon

    Thanks very much Henry, you’ve cleared muddied waters – quick sharp too.

    So in a nut shell, I can take photos of just about anything [except doorways & security arrangements], but not in a full frame. I can also upload to Flikr without any problems provided the photos are not used for any commercial gain, or printed by any amateur photography magazines.

    Fully understand the rules now, find them a little off-putting on the inspirational/creative side of things – unfortunately the Canary Wharf permit constrains creativity, photography is all about creativity.

    I would have liked to go on this walk, but I would also like to promote my photos should I have any that are worthy of promotion, licence or sale – who wouldn’t want to promote their best photos? Maybe next time, lucky Eighth for me.

  8. 8Henry Stuart

    Fair dos Simon, shame not to have you along this time. Next walk will be back to normal ;-)

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